What is the Latina Publishers Association?

The Latina Publishers Association (LPA) is a professional association for Latina and other minority-owned publishing companies whose primary business is developing and producing trusted editorial and journalistic products. LPA Associates adhere to the highest level of professional standards within our industry.

What are the benefits of being an LPA Associate?

LPA Associates are eligible to partner with LPA to fulfill a client’s objective, informational and educational needs, advertising, and event management goals. In addition, Associates may gain access to business development tools and programs negotiated by LPA for publishers.

LPA will pursue contracts for education, advertising, and event management projects in conjunction with its Associates. Commissions will be consistent with industry practices and the added opportunities for profit sharing and co-investment in business development.

How does LPA work?

The most successful Hispanic publishers simultaneously operate several complementary  revenue streams – newspapers, magazines, online, events, social media platforms – and maintain partnerships with local television and radio stations.

LPA pursues business opportunities that enable publishers to combine and leverage as many revenue streams as available to benefit clients and our communities.

LPA will produce and be a source of original, trusted content for use by any LPA Associate. In addition, LPA will be a co-investor with its Associates in investigative reporting projects.

How does LPA work for Advertisers and Corporate Partners?

Hispanic publishers are the direct link to the most significant and fastest-growing demographic cohort in our Country.  And, yet, many advertisers and corporations wanting to make a direct connection struggle in doing so.

LPA and Multicultural Marketing Media are the trusted advisors and project managers that advertisers and corporate partners need. 

Fanny Miller, founder of Latina Publishers Association, and Rebeca Reyes, founder of Multicultural Marketing Media, have a combined sixty-five years of experience in publishing, advertising, marketing, and media.

Fanny and Rebeca have successfully worked with Fortune 50 companies and trade associations in the technology, pharmaceutical, finance, automobile, consumer goods, and various other business sectors.

The combined experience of LPA and MMM will make your advertising and marketing dollars an investment in Hispanic and minority-owned publications.