SB 911, as introduced by Senator Steve Glazer, is intended to establish the California Board to Fund Public Interest Media for operational purposes. 


On behalf of the Latina Publishers Association (LPA), I write to inform you about the California Senate Bill 911 (SB 911).

About Senate Bill 911:

Sen. Steve Glazer (D-Contra Costa) introduced SB 911 in February 2022 to help local and minority-owned news sources provide coverage on issues of importance to their communities. Once enacted, the bill calls for a $50 million budget to provide grants to qualifying news organizations. 

For more information on SB 911, please visit the coverage by Latina Publishers here: Statewide policy approaches to sustain and support local and ethnic news media – Latina Publishers Association

LPA Support of SB 911:

On behalf of LPA, we extend our support to the three legislative recommendations requested by the Latino Media Collaborative and our fellow Hispanic publishers in the State of California in their letter dated June 27, 2022, and addressed to the Committee. 

SB 911 will enable Hispanic and other minority-owned media companies to compete with the growing threat of homogeneity in local news by hedge funds and media conglomerates. The opportunity to access grants will help support minority-owned news outlets that have struggled because of and during the pandemic. 

I urge the members of the Assembly Accountability & Administrative Committee to approve SB 911 with the recommended three amendments. If you have additional questions or require additional information about SB 911, please contact me at


Fanny Miller, Publisher

El Latino San Diego, and LATINAS Magazine

Founder & President, Latina Publishers Association